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Workin' the Q&A.

Workin on Q&A
  • How exactly do you pronounce "Büro"?
    It's pronounced like "Bureau" (b-you-row) – which is French for office, not "Burro" which is Spanish for donkey (although if you work like a donkey you should definitely consider our workspaces).

  • So you guys are like Regus and other Executive Suites, right?
    Um, not exactly. Büro is much more than just desks, chairs and meeting rooms. We offer dynamic and modern work environments where independent professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers can work, network and thrive. Unlike the others, we are all about community, creativity and flexibility. Plus, our prices are way better.

  • Are you open 24/7?
    Nope. At Büro we believe in working hard, but not in working around the clock. Our spouse-friendly operating hours are: Monday-Friday: 8am-7pm / Saturday: 10am-4pm

  • Do you have coffee? I can't function without coffee.
    We feel you. Delicious coffee is ready and waiting every morning in the kitchen/lounge (along with some rather handsome Büro coffee mugs). Leaded or unleaded, we'll get your day off to the right start.

  • What type of companies work at Büro Miami?
    We currently have over 100 great companies in the Büro Miami community, including Internet startups, media groups, design agencies, and consulting firms. You can check out some of them on our Community page.

  • Are there networking events or other opportunities to get to know the people at these companies?
    Indeed. As a member of Büro Miami you will have plenty of opportunities to meet all of the talented entrepreneurs and creative professionals that make up the Büro community. We have monthly wine and cheese events for members along with special seminars where we invite experts and thought leaders to present to the community.

Büro / Work. Network. Thrive | Coworking Spaces in Miami
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